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an OC haven

Fifty-plus year old musician/writer/incipient crazy old lady who lives with two housemates, two dogs and a cat in an apartment much too small for all of us. I love black and white movies, ancient Egyptian culture, big picture books of art, Frieda Kahlo's journal, music of all kinds from dub reggae and punk to Chopin to western swing, cheap chilled Australian wine, tarot decks, dream study, and other bits and pieces of the collective unconscious made tangible. My favorite daydream is playing a pickup session with Hugh Laurie. (That is not a metaphor for sex. I mean I'd love to spend a lazy afternoon on the back porch playing guitar with the man and doing in a few cold classic Cokes along the way. Pure-d heaven.)Second favorite: chasing twisters (a gentle revenge for all the times they've chased me!). Simple pleasures make me happy: cool morning air, fresh iced tea with lemon, laughing over a good snark with a friend, new books, first snow, first dandelion, having my cat snuggled against my leg while I'm writing. There you have it: simple pleasures for simple people.